Why I’m not excited about the Walking Dead return

I want to be excited.  I want to look forward to The Walking Dead returning February 14.  I’m just not.  My wife and I enjoy watching it together, and when I told her of my malaise at its return, she was disappointed.  I tried to explain.  I’m a language arts teacher with a previous communications degree for crying out loud.  I ought to be able to figure out why.  So I tried to verbalize the issue.

It came down to this; there is no hope for the characters.   There was hope when Eugene was on the way to Washington with the cure.  There was some hope when they were safe at the farm or the prison or Alexandria. The cycle of finding sanctuary and losing it is getting monotonous. Right now there is just no hope that this will ever end. Not even a glimmer.

And now we are introduced to yet another vile, perfectly evil character, Negan.  If this follows the comic storyline, we should all be prepared for senseless mayhem, torture, and death to come to many of our beloved survivors.  I hear people say that certain characters are “untouchable”.  “If (insert character) dies, I’m never watching it again.”  I was like that for awhile.  Now, Negan can end any of them.  I don’t care. It just doesn’t matter which one because there is no hope for any of them.  Nobody is growing old here.

I’ve recently enjoyed exploring a few British series, Luther, Life on Mars, The Fall, and River.  There’s a certain brilliance to the concept of a series lasting one to three seasons, on purpose.  There’s hope, maybe not for the best outcome for each character, but at least there is hope for a resolution.  They had a vision for where the series was headed and stayed the course, and brought us to a resolution.  They are like long movies with weeklong intermissions.  Beautiful.

On the bright side, I am looking forward to Fear The Walking Dead returning. They still have hope. Of course, if Madison is Rick’s sister and they eventually find Rick’s group.  Then the Fear gang is hopeless too.

Please, Walking Dead VIPs, give us some kind of hope if you want us to keep watching and caring about the characters.