Here are a few thoughts on resolutions. I’m not a big fan. This is not only because I never keep them very well, but they aren’t a Godly solution.

I guess my biggest problem with them is that you know something is wrong with your lifestyle, but you are purposely putting off doing anything about it until a predetermined date. For instance, you’re convicted that you need to spend more time in prayer or reading your Bible and you tell yourself that when January rolls around, you’ll “resolve” to start doing it? So, that’s saying that you’ll ignore God calling you until some magic calendar date.

Or consider all the people abusing the temple of their body with gluttony. How many of you have said, “I’ll eat whatever I want this week, because on New Year’s Day, I’m resolving to diet.” Or if you drink or smoke and you are convicted to stop, you’re going to get in as much as you can in December because you’re going to stop in January?? So, regardless of being convicted, you’re going to do it anyway because the calendar hasn’t turned?

In John 8:11, Christ said to the adulterous woman, go and sin no more. He didn’t add, on January 1st.

Also, resolutions tend to focus on your own ability to conquer something. Face it, if you are going to truly change, it is going to take God. So as you are facing the things in your life that need changed, remember

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

So, no matter the date on the calendar, if something needs changed, give it up to God in prayer and let Him help you change it right then and there.

Be blessed.


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